About the project

‘Crisis and Civil Liberties’ is an awareness campaign launched by the Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia Foundation whose main aim is to empower citizens by providing tools that forge critical thinking about the influence that the financial and economical crisis is undergoing regarding the decline of the civil liberties among European citizens.

www.civilliberties.eu seeks to become a is a loud speaker for civil liberties in a context where the degradation of democracy and the cuts in social rights, produced by austerity policies and prohibicionist tendencies, have opened the door to populism, euroscepticism and xenophonic behaviours.

We want #Civilliberties to become a new space for debate and social criticism: a place to sharing  knowledge and opinions fruit of the collaboration of activists, organisations, experts and people from all around Europe. Also a place to share information about activities of interest that allow us to counter reasonings to the hegemonic thinking.

This website, in line with the nature of debat inherent to the project, may contain divergent opinions, and the Francesc Ferrer o Guàrdia Foundation won’t subscibre to all of them.