Manifesto ‘The Europe we want’

All the associations and entities gathered together…

We consider that the ideal of a free Europe -and its praxis expressed through the current public policies- has been suppressed under the empire of a fierce and incohesive economic model, and under a deep institutional mediocrity.

We consider that citizenship rights and the exercise of liberties, understood as the individual capacity to access to rights achievement, and as public services that allow their universal exercise, regardless of social and personal conditions and origin, are in danger of set-back and misrepresentation.

We consider that the Europe that once was considered a flagship of democracy and an example of liberties and solidarity-based public policies, is now put into question by the ineptitude of its current ruling class, by the ethical abandonment adopted by most of the leaders of its institutions as well as by the pernicious irruption of the radical right. In this context, the extreme radical right-wing is trying to take advantage of the lack of a democratic, social and integrating sound discourse that should come accompanied with the construction of a frame of real rights and allowed the conversion of liberties into factual accomplishments for the citizenship as a whole.

We consider that freedom has a price, as quoted by prestigious liberal Ramon Trias Fargas: It is not a gift given by natural condition, but a gift that needs some work to be favoured by, like through the promotion of public policies – employment, education, health, housing and social benefits – that can bring benefit to the population as a whole. Thus, there is no such a real exercise of liberties while, in a public space, rights of access are not guaranteed for all.

We consider that liberties in nowadays Europe are also limited by reasons of territorial origin and the administrative framework of residence, by own will or by the right of asylum and hosting. There is no liberty nor Europe – as it’s defined by the democratic tradition and the Enlightened Reason – if the right of participation in public space or the right of the citizenship is restricted due to their origins or condition. The idea of Europe will not be developed as long as it is conceived as an exclusive fortification rather than as the house of those men and women wishing to coexist in freedom and taking responsibility of their rights and their corresponding civic duties. Immigrants don’t constitute the problem because, in many cases, are part of the solution if we also take into account the process of generational change and the population ageing that occurs in almost all the continent.

We consider that some governmental practices, as well as the legislative measures of some states, have recently transgressed the minimum requirements that could allow them to be considered genuinely democratic. They tend to impose authoritarian controls on the public space and also tend to be inspired by a straightforwardly reactionary approach: restrictions in the right of participation, attacks to the freedom of the press, criticism, expression and demonstration; educational laws subjected to partial modal codes-inspired criteria that attempts against laicism, impediments to the exercise of the right of one’s own body and the responsible reproduction… Regressions, all of them, that constitute an evident disorder regarding what once had been considered the horizon of the European democratic civility.

For these reasons, we state that:

Europe has to become a free and supportive society that offers to all their inhabitants – locals, immigrants and refugees- the possibility to fully exercise the right and to get fully responsibility of all coexistence duties. There are enough resources, if we choose those economic policies that, by means of a progressive and redistributive taxation, provide to the administration the capacity of action and avoid the extortion in which there are suppressed through the international financial markets.

There are no liberties and not real liberties as long as the transnational financial institutions set the framework and the path of the processes that the European tax and financial development has to follow. Nor while these are subjected to only one interest and state.

Only a united Europe -beyond a coordination of markets and currency- may put the economy at the service of the citizens, may give the real liberties back to the social life and to the political institutions. In a globalised economic system, this can only be carried out if Europe is build up as an only one state, with the capacity of action in all their territories and with a single voice at the international level. There won’t be any capacity of expansion of civil liberties and social rights without a Europe that is solidly built, that prevails over financial markets and that has a single and a solidarity-based taxation and financial structure.

Only the form of a federal framework of relations in the whole of Europe may guarantee the necessary coherence of its political action in the sense of overcoming inequality among people and territories and imposing limits to fraudulent and speculative economical activity.

For these reasons, we stand up for a European Parliament that can nominate -and revoke- a single responsible European Government -the Commission- and the European Council might become a Chamber of territorial representation or Senate in which the intergovernmental relations are subjected to the common federal framework. The current territorial frameworks, both of a state or national nature, may continue existing – because of its proximity to each population distinctive features and its relational land solidarity-based links – the institutions in charge of implementing the proper social policies at the corresponding local or regional level.

There must not be limits on the exercise of all the liberties, apart from the law based on the respect to all citizen’s rights and the exercise of the liberties as a superior good for all individuals, beyond their appointment or belonging to a community or cultural identity. The rights of those with less defence capability – like children- must be looked after even more carefully, so they can fully enjoy their rights to education, with no kind of restrictions, or submission to any kind of relations based on power relations. Ideological, philosophical and religious liberties enhance the right to all of us of showing pacifically our ideas or worship, but it doesnt’ exclude the freedom to criticize any kind of cosmovision on the basis of any particular right.

The backbone of the European political culture, its legislation and public policies have to be based on the respect and human universal rights development, understanding their expansion as the form of the civil liberties and social rights in a fully Democratic society. Institutions must guarantee the absence or impositions or hegemonisms in the whole of the public space, specially in the educational field, from any particular cosmovision, and thus, we have to protect and promote its lay nature.

Civic action and conscious work in the direction of these values, affect to the whole of the citizens, active social movements, leaders and decision-makers committed with liberty and Democracy.

The federal Europe, based on the exercise of the whole of the democratic liberties and the practice of the solidarity may be a guarantee for an international peace and progress for humanity. It may become again, then, what once had been the European dream of the majority of modernity: the homeland of freedom and the place for humans’ homeland.

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